Your host is U.S. immigration attorney Dyan Williams. She has top expertise in rebutting immigration marriage fraud or INA 204(c) findings; obtaining waivers for unlawful presence, fraud/misrepresentation, immigration violations, and crime-related bars; overcoming visa refusals and inadmissibility determinations; and getting complex naturalization cases approved. If you listen to the show and like it, it please give us a five-star rating and positive review on your podcast app. Share it with others. Be sure to subscribe and join us for new episodes. Word-of-mouth will help get the show out to those who need U.S. immigration insights and answers. Dyan Williams Law PLLC website: https://www.dyanwilliamslaw.com/ | Dyan Williams Law PLLC YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Dyanwilliamslaw

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